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Terms and Conditions

Updated: 30 August 2022


1. Definitions

“Organisers” shall mean Education in Ireland Africa. “Exhibitors” shall mean agents or representatives of Institutions in Ireland assigned to an Education in Ireland Africa event. “Registrants” shall mean people that registered for an Education in Ireland Africa event but are yet to be checked-in. “Attendees” shall mean people that have been checked-in to attend the event. “Space” shall mean the area in the building where an event of Education in Ireland Africa is taking place. “Event” shall mean any of the study in Ireland education fairs taking place in Africa.

2. Event layout

The Organisers reserve the right to alter the layout of the Space in any respect and at any time. Should it be necessary to rearrange the Space or transfer it to another location, the Organisers shall be entitled to allot alternative Space for the Event as the Organisers may determine.

3. Risks and Insurance

a) All items (personal or for exhibit purposes) and other property brought into the event hall by the Registrants, Attendees or Exhibitors, shall be at the risk of the Registrants, Attendees or Exhibitors. The Organisers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or destruction occasioned by any cause whatsoever.

b) The Exhibitor shall be liable for and agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Organisers against any action, liability, costs, claims, expenses, damages and losses (whether loss or profits or otherwise) arising out of any act or omission of whatsoever nature by the Registrants or Attendees within the Event premises.

4. Student Attendance data

Exhibitors will have access to the data of only the attendees that they scanned at their stand. The Organisers will have complete access to all the data submitted by the Exhibitors, Registrants and Attendees. Please read the policy that guides the privacy of all users on our website and events.

5. Attendance fee

All events conducted by Education In Ireland Africa are free for all Registrants or Attendees. No form of payment shall be collected from the Registrants or Attendees to attend any of our events.

6. Exclusion of Personnel

The Organisers reserve the right to exclude or remove from the Event any person or persons whose presence is or is likely to be undesirable and the Organisers may exercise the rights notwithstanding that any person is the assistant or agent of the Exhibitor or is otherwise in any way connected with the Exhibitor.

7. Exhibits

The exhibits on display must be good quality, properly labelled and must comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Space.

8. Media Waiver

I, a/an Registrant, Attendee or Exhibitor give permission to Education in Ireland Africa to use photographs or video footage of me, taken at an event organised by Education in Ireland Africa for promotional purposes.

13. Notice

Any notice or other document to be given under these terms & conditions should be sent to [email protected].